Batya Gretah is a Mom, a world traveler, a speaker, a healing practitioner and group facilitator, a coach, empathic and a deeply caring person. She grew up in a spiritual home (with its own challenges like everyone else) and has always been a curious, sensitive and intuitive child.

Her innate curiosity led her to want to know more about life and how things and people worked behind the scenes. As well, she developed a strong interest in self development and personal growth. She found herself seeking the deeper side of life and eventually engaged in Kabbalistic/Chassidic thought.

In 1994 life took her traveling across the world, living in different countries and appreciating the cultures and the uniqueness of people. During this long journey Batya had the opportunity to be mentored by brilliant teachers.

After her travels she became a Graduate Gemologist and worked in the industry while continuing to practice a holistic lifestyle. In 2004, she began her formal alternative and holistic training. Later turning her lifestyle and passion for alternative healing, many certifications later, into a full time career.

To her each person is like a fingerprint that has individual needs and ways of thinking and treats each person in their uniqueness. With her background, life experiences, world travels and education she is able to accomplish this with grace.

She believes, 'life is a non-stop journey', we can either live it on purpose or let life take us on turbulent waters. The best part is that the decisions and choices belong to us.


"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience." ~Pierre Teilhard Chardin